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Science Communication for a Divided Nation

It's an interesting time to be alive. An ecological crisis threatens the future of our planet. Countless lives and countless species hang in the balance. Sometimes, the stakes can feel so high that it's overwhelming. I believe there is a way forward. Through enthusiasm, dedication, and unity on the subjects of science and conservation, we can preserve the planet we love.


Easier said than done. In the United States, issues surrounding science and conservation have become polarizing and divisive. How can we address this? How can we unify when it's needed most?


My dream is to help foster a climate that cares for the Climate. That's why as an undergraduate at the University of Chicago, I wrote my B.A. on science communication in the United States and what lessons we've learned about making the practice better. Today, I am both a scientist and science communicator, striving to help make science accessible and exciting for people through an ever-expanding set of media. 

I have a lot of exciting pieces on the horizon. Currently, I am in the editing stage of a book about Charles Darwin, faith, and the evolution of moral behavior entitled "Are You There, God? It's Me, Darwin," which is slated to release in early 2024. I'll also be releasing an album of science-themed educational music alongside it as well!


I currently serve as the co-editor of Creature Feature at the UC Davis Ethogram, a science communication blog run by the Animal Behavior Graduate Group chock full of information about animals and the scientists who study them. There are so many incredible communicators involved in the project-- give it a look!

Finally, I'm so excited to announce a brand-new tapletop roleplaying science communication podcast: Naturalist20! I'm running this game with my best friends and fellow scientists at UC Davis. We'll explore important issues in conservation ecology through through the medium of fantasy and storytelling. It's going to be informative and a lot of fun!

Do you have suggestions for science communication pieces? Ideas about how we can make science more accessible? I'm always available to talk about it! You can reach me via email any time at

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