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About Me

I am an animal behavior PhD candidate at UC Davis originally hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I'm a proud Michigander, and fell in love with nature and science while exploring the forests and museums of my hometown. In 2015, I went on to the University of Chicago, where I studied science communication, ecology, and astrophysics while continuing to pursue many extracurriculars. I founded a student music group, wrote plays, made a short TV show, and released an album, all while thinking of how best to synthesize my passion for art with my passion for science. I wrote my B.A. on science communication in the 21st century, looking at the lessons we've learned about how to make science accessible and fun in a sometimes hostile climate. 
While these days I'm hard at work at completing my PhD in animal behavior, my ultimate goal is combining my three biggest passions- science, music, and communication- into one multifaceted career.
Through science, I'm searching to uncover the beauty of the natural world, as well as knowledge that could help us preserve it. Through music, I entertain and inspire people, bringing life to venues and delivering messages through song and dance. As a communicator, I create works that make complex information about science and society fun and accessible for broad audiences. 
To learn more about my work, stick around and give the rest of my site a look. I've got a lot of irons in the fire, but that's just the way I like it. 
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